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   As the leading R/C accessories manufacturer in China, Haoye model focuses on developing and manufacturing various R/C accessories since 2002. With 40+ categories, 3000+ items, we are committed to provide you quality accessories according to your need. Our Radio Controlled accessories are the most various in China. Our products are available and generally accepted across the globe (Many countries in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa). 

    Besides our own product line, we also do OEM for companies with big brand names. These clients are mainly North American and Western European companies. We value partnership and copyright. When it comes to exclusive custom made parts, we assure customer confidentiality.  

How do we develop so many products in such a short time? 

    Prior to making R/C accessories, our company used to produce European standard vehicle accessories which quality and precision are keys. The traditions have passed on to us, along with experienced employees, also assisted us to develop our current product line. Our goods have passed ISO 9001 since the beginning. Our factory is located in Foshan City, right next to Guangzhou.

Our goal is to become a one-stop Radio Control supermarket with the best possible price, especially for parts. Our RC plane accessories are the most completed in China, and one of the mot various in the world. From head to tail, different sizes, hobbyists may find most they are looking for. Our product range is not limited in RC planes, but also RC boats and RC cars. 

How “generally accepted” is Haoye Model products worldwide?

    Our business clients are over 400 companies in over 30 countries. In order to give you an insight of “How generally accepted” is Haoye Model products worldwide, I will give an example of one of our first product—propellers. 

For instance, our propellers are available in Gas/electrical RC planes, Quad-copers, boats. Propellers alone have over 200 choices in different sizes, material and market. Our annual sales for some props models are over 1,000,000 pieces. We have our own material formula to enhance the strength of props. Other parts are also popular, we will let you discover more at our product menu (for complete product menu, please visit www.haoyemodel.com ). 


Land and building are self-own.

Land size: ~2500 square meters.

Factory size: Main building~3120 square meters. Sub building ~1250 square meters.

Located in Foshan City, right next to Guangzhou.

3.Product capability:

Create and design mold.

We have own mold facility.  We have over 1000 molds on hand .

Plastic injection machines .

CNC machines.

R&D capability

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